Virginia Wildrye (Elymus virginicus)

Virginia Wildrye (Elymus virginicus)
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Virginia Wild Rye

Virginia Wild Rye

Virginia Wildrye (Elymus virginicus) is a native, cool-season, medium height perennial grass that can be found throughout the US, excluding Nevada, California, and Oregon. As a rule it prefers moist, heavily textured soils with a high fertility. It is shade tolerant and is most commonly found growing on shady river, stream and lake banks, along fencerows and in open woodlands. Virginia Wildrye is best established from seed.  Recent studies at The Kika de la Garza Plant Materials Center in Kingsville, Texas have been looking at two collections of Virginia Wildrye that are adapted to South and South Central Texas.  The study found consistent germination percentages above 85 percent.  The East Texas Plant Material Center in Nacogdoches, Texas is also evaluating this species for collections adapted to the northern and eastern portions of Texas and the Southern part of Oklahoma. In  South and South Central Texas, planting should be undertaken during early fall on a clean, firm, weed-free seedbed, with adequate soil moisture. Planting depths  will vary according to the soil type. An emergence study conducted by the Kika de la Garza PMC found that seeds should be planted between ¼ - ½ inch deep on clay soil type, and up to 1” deep in sandier soils. Virignia Wildrye can be drilled at a minimum of ten pounds of pure live seed per acre, or broadcast at twenty pounds of pure live seed per acre.  If it is a critical area planting or if dense coverage is desired, double the seeding rate.   When including Virginia Wildrye in a seed mixture, adjust the seeding rate accordingly.  The planting should be considered successful if 1-2 plants are present per square foot planted.  Stands are best established and maintained if they are not planted next to areas with a large concentration of aggressive warm-season grasses. Virginia Wildrye is also a good seed producer.  It can produce as much as 400 pounds of seed per dry-land acre per year.  Virginia Wildrye contains approximately 80,000 seeds per pound. Virginia Wildrye is an ideal addition for any flood plain mixes, pasture or a habitat mix. Livestock find it very palatable and nutritious when hayed or grazed prior to heading. In a grazing situation it should not be grazed during the first year to ensure the growth of a strong and viable root system. However, following its establishment Virginia Wildrye can be grazed rotationally throughout cool seasons. The optimum height for the forage is 4 –10 inches. Virginia Wildrye can be used to provide graceful accents in any garden and is also popular in dried floral arrangements. [table “” not found /]

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