Torrey’s Rush (Juncus torreyi)

Torrey's Rush (Juncus torreyi)
<p>Torrey's Rush Meadow</p> Torrey's Rush (Juncus torreyi) is a North American native species of rush and can be found in many habitats from northern Mexico north to the southern half of Canada. It is one of the easiest plant of the rush species to identify due to its globular flower clusters and rhizomes which have tuberous enlargements. Common habitats include wet prairies, prairie swales, sloughs, pond and stream banks, roadside ditches and wet depressions. It grows in full sun in soils that are slightly acidic to alkaline. Soils can comprise sand, mud and poorly drained clays. Torrey's Rush does require consistently moist to periodically wet conditions. Torrey's Rush is an ideal plant for water gardens and reaches heights between two and three feet. It is unbranched except towards the apex where the inflorescence occurs.  The inflorescences comprise many rounded dense clusters of up to 100 flowers each. Each flower has narrow, pointed greenish, red or tan colored teals and six stamen. The leaves are colored from green to pink or red. Torrey's Rush generally flowers between July and August. It reproduces by either seed or rhizomes. In addition to its use as an ornamental plant in water gardens Torrey's Rush also provides cover for wildlife including ducks, geese and other waterfowl.
Torrey's Rush Close Up
Torrey's Rush

Torrey's Rush

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