Super “L” Fall Wildlife Blend

Fall Wildlife Blend If you want to attract big bucks and keep them in your area one if the best "tools" you can have is a Food Plot. As you know, a harsh winter can be hard on your local deer herds and they require additional carbohydrates to store as fat in order to survive. Lorenz's OK Seeds Super "L" Fall wildlife mix combines annual grasses, forbes, Brassica and legumes that deer, quail and turkey are attracted to and will help them remain healthy throughout the winter. Before you plant your plot get a soil test done to check on the pH and if there are any nutrient deficiencies. This will give you the information you'll need to make sure you spread the proper amount of lime fertilizer. If you're interested in maximizing the benefits to be gained from your plot you may be interested in Dr. Judy McFarlen's "Free" Deer Plot Course.

Seed Test Data

Tested August 2010. Purity: 95%, Inert: 4.96%, Weeds,:0.02%, Other: 0.02%, Noxious: None, Origin: OK [TABLE=53] 50 pound bag contains enough seed for 2 acres, i.e. 25 pounds per acre Price $50.00 per bag The following photo's were taken by motion activated game cameras set up adjacent to two feed plots planted with Lorenz's Super "L" Wildlife Mix. They guys that planted the mix on the two plots shown below can't wait for the season to open.

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