Sage (Salvia officinalis)

Sage (Salvia officinalis)
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Sage is an easy-to-grow herb that produces attractive flowers and flavorful leaves that are pebbly textured and usually gray-green. Use leaves for stuffing, meat dishes, stews, chowders, and cheeses. Sage is used medicinally as a gargle for sore throat and inflammation of the mouth and gums. Sow Sage 3-4 weeks before the last spring frost or sow indoors 5-6 weeks earlier. Transplant to a well-drained garden spot after danger of frost has passed. Water reguarly and fertilize when plants are 6" tall. Prune off woody stems each spring. Once plants are growing vigorously, cut stems above small side shoots which will grow later. For best flavor, cut before the heat of midday. Flavor is best when fresh, but leaves can be dried for storage. Cut flowering stems for decorative use. [TABLE=55] [TABLE=37]

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