Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)



Rosemary is grown both for its attractive light blue flowers and its aromatic gray-green leaves. Rosemary grows as a year round landscape plant where winters are mild. Where winter temperatures drop into the teens, grow as a pot plant and bring indoors during cold months. Use sprigs to flavor meat dishes, olive oil, and vinegars. Rosemary is a pleasant tasting tea, and can be used for a calming. Because seed sprouting and plant growth are slow, sow indoors in late fall. Shift individual seedlings to small pots and transplant to a well-drained garden spot in late spring. Rosemary needs water regularly and fertilze when plants are 4" tall. Pinch tips to encourage branching. Once plants are growing vigorously, clip sprigs as needed for fresh use. Flavor is best before flowers form. Sprigs may be dried or frozen for storage.  

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