Is Watering Your Plants Driving You Crazy?

Plant Nanny - the Ultimate Watering Solution

Plant Nanny - the Ultimate Watering Solution

It's an unfortunate fact, but remembering to water your plants regularly can drive you crazy. Trying to remember to water them regularly and without over or under watering them is a straight out nightmare. And if we feel like this how do you think your plants feel? The simple truth is that we all want our plants to thrive and have lush vegetation and produce gorgeous flowers. We want our plants to look well tended and loved. Let's face it; there's no better feeling than having a visitor comment on how wonderfully healthy your plants look and asking what your secret is. Especially when they state that theirs look listless and haggard.

Is this a familiar story at your house?

You get home from work after a busy, hectic stressful day and think, "I need to water my plants". The problem is "who feels like lugging a heavy watering can around after days like this." You might feel a bit guilty, but a quick look convinces you that all your plants are nice and green. Besides, you only watered them ahhhh...was it two or three days ago or maybe it was last week. Anyhow, they're looking pretty good . . . I'll water them after I've had my evening meal and relaxed a bit. Before you know it it's bedtime and your plants have been forgotten. If regular watering isn't enough of a problem, going away on vacation, even a short one, almost guarantees that your plants will in a sad and sorry state by the time you get home. Even trusted neighbors will run into situations that'll put watering your plants on the backburner.

Solved: The Problem of Watering Your Plants Regularly

The solution is simple and amazingly easy to use! It's called the Plant Nanny and this is exactly what it is a "Nanny for Your Plants".

Plant Nanny Beats Aqua-globe Hands Down

I'm sure you've already seen those ads on television for Aqua-Globes. The "Plant Nanny" uses a similar approach but without some the hassles associated with Aqua Globes.
  1. Aqua-globes are difficult to fill. The Plant Nanny however, can use empty wine bottles, 2-liter soda or water bottles or their own separate glass globe and they're all very easy to fill with water.
  2. With the Plant Nanny once it's in the soil there's no need to remove it - so your plants roots won't get torn up. Aqua-Globes have to be completely removed to refill them and then put it back into the soil greatly increasing the chances of root damage.
  3. Because Aqua-globes have to be removed from the soil to be filled the end of the tube often gets clogged with soil and your plants WON'T be watered. As you only need to insert the Plant nanny once clogging doesn't occur and your plants WILL be watered.
Depending on the size of the bottle you use and the size of the container you plant is in you can expect to the Plant Nanny to keep your plants watered for up to 3 weeks. Apart from the obvious benefits for you plants the Plant Nanny also promotes recycling. Instead of throwing out your used bottles you use them with your Plant Nanny and help make a greener world. Plant Nanny is the only system I'd trust with my plants but don't take my word for it. If you jump over to you'll be able to read numerous reviews from people just like you and me who have fallen in love with their Plant Nannies. And I'm sure that if our plants could talk directly to us they would tell they have names for their Plant Nannies. [amazon-carrousel align="center" bgcolor="#D7F2FF" height="200" width="600"]5a1ea85d-7a35-41e0-8aa0-8f5867316ce6[/amazon-carrousel] Stop driving yourself crazy trying remember the last time you watered your plant. Let your plants become the envy of your visitors. Check out the Plant Nanny, it's an investment that you and your plants won't regret.

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