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Lorenz's OK Seeds For All Your Forage Needs

Lorenz's OK Seeds For All Your Forage Needs

Pasture establishment or renovation is only as good as the seeds that are planted. At Lorenz's OK Seeds we encouraged you to consider your seed selection carefully because this will help you save time and money (and who doesn't need to save this) during production. Moreover, the quality of the seed you plant for grazing and the hay you cut directly impacts on the health and well being of your animals. In other words, by investing in high quality seed you will increase the health of your animals and produce a better product for you to market. Lorenz's OK Seeds carry a range of forage and hay seed varieties  suitable for beef and dairy cattle, and other livestock including:
  • Common Alfalfa -Hay and Grazing
  • Jose Tall Wheatgrass - Hay and Grazing
  • Hairy Vetch  - Hay and Grazing Out of Stock at Present
  • Marshall Wheat Grass - Hay and Grazing
We also have stock of Austrian Winter Pea which is a low-growing, viny legume that can fix over 200 pounds of nitrogen per acre per year under good conditions. It has hollow, slender and succulent stems, 2 to 4 feet long. The foliage is pale green, and the flowers are colored, usually purple, pink or reddish. The leaf consists of one to three pairs of leaflets and terminal branched tendrils. Pods are 1.5 to 2.5 inches long with three to five round, dark-colored seeds. Seed color is commonly gray with purple or brown mottles.  Seed size is fairly large with test weights of 55 to 60 pounds per bushel. For more information on our forage products or Austrian Winter Peas contact Freddie Lorenz any time TOLL FREE 1 800 826 3655.

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