Harvesting Ermelo Lovegrass

John Deere Tractors
Harvesting Ermelo Weeping Lovegrass on the Lorenz Farm known as One Tree Hill which is located in Major County, Oklahoma. The combine we use to harvest the Lovegrass and many other seed varieties is a John Deere 9600 with a Shelbourne stripper header. We use the Shelbourne stripper header because it strips the seed from the plant rather than cutting the stalk like a normal header. The basic concept of the stripper/header is that a rearwards rotating rotor fitted in the front of the header is fitted with 8 rows of stripping fingers that strip grain from the crop as the combine moves the head forwards while it spins backwards. While this looks like a normal sickle bar it has no cutting/slicing action. The speed of the rotor can be varied according to crop conditions. By using the Shelbourne we don't have to worry about using a swather to lay down windrows and picking them up once they've dried. The advantages of this are that:
  • We don't have to worry about mother nature destroying the windrows (after all this is Oklahoma and the wind does blow).
  • As the Shelbourne threshes about 85% of the seed, the material entering the combine is mainly seed, chaff, leaf and minimal straw. By reducing the bulk entering the combine it's capacity and efficiency are significantly improved.
  • The seed can be cleaned more easily, quickly and efficiently because the cleaner does not have to deal with removing large amounts of straw.
When the seed is being dumped in the video the truck was positioned into the wind with the bed raised (it was pretty strong that day) to stop the seed from blowing all over the place. In the final part of this video you'll see Freddie on our Little John Deere with a box-blade spreading the harvested seed out on the floor of one of our building to get it ready for drying. Don't forget to come back soon to see more videos - we've got a lot more in the pipeline! If you're looking for Lovegrass seed contact Freddie Lorenz TOLL FREE 1 800 826 3655 or use our contact form. Credits: The combine is being driven by Todd Lorenz and the truck by Chuck Outhier. Camera work by Freddie Lorenz and Tanya Young (we promise we'll get them to stop shaking next time!).

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